Screeding Edge AL 2607


Professionals working in façade and interior construction know the requirements that a screeding edge/featheredge needs to meet in day-to-day usage. Despite the high loads placed on it, the tool must not deform and should be reliable in its handling. The new AL 2607 screeding edge from SOLA combines ergonomics and maximum stability in a new combination profile. Thanks to this new shape, it does not twist even under high loads, and stays straight over its entire length.


Trapezoid and H-section featheredge in one tool

Standard screeding edges are usually available in the form of a trapezoid featheredge or an H-section featheredge. The new AL 2607 screeding edge from SOLA has a special profile combining the trapezoid and H shape. The decisive advantage: This new combination profile combines the ergonomic benefit of an H-profile with the stability and reliability of a trapezoid profile. Practical tests with professionals confirm that the AL 2607 screeding edge remains reliably straight and pleasant to handle even under high loads.


Maximum stability for the toughest conditions

With a profile weight of 1240 grams per linear metre (1240 g/m), the AL 2607 screeding edge is extremely robust and withstands high loads on the building site particularly well. The thick walls and the two shock-absorbing end caps protect the screeding edge against day-to-day wear or if it is dropped on the building site.


Application and removal using just one tool

The special combination of trapezoid and H shape means the AL 2607 can handle a wide range of applications. It can be used both to apply and remove material. This makes the AL 2607 an ideal work tool for evenly applying and removing any plastering or filling material. For a clean finish on surfaces both indoors and out.