The white lacquer-based industrial marker IMW has been specially designed for industrial applications. Equipped with a round tip and a line thickness of 4 mm, the IMW is ideal for reliable marking on dark and smooth surfaces. Thanks to its high pigmentation value, the IMW provides excellent coverage for impressive visibility and readability. In addition, the industrial marker is waterproof, ensuring your markings remain in place and legible, even in the harshest conditions.


Impressive Opacity and Legibility

The IMW’s specially developed, highly pigmented white paint ensures outstanding coverage on dark and smooth surfaces. The IMW is ideally suited for marking on dark, smooth surfaces such as metal, stone, glass, plastic, tiles, wood, and cardboard thanks to its round tip and 4 mm line thickness. The markings it produces have high levels of visibility and ensure impressive legibility. Markings can be made easily, even on oily or smeared surfaces. In addition, the IMW’s paint is free from the toxic substances toluene and xylene.



The IMW’s reliability and durability extends to challenging environments where water presents a constant challenge, but thanks to its waterproof paint, markings remain in place under all conditions, remaining visible even in damp and wet environments. This water-resistance ensures markings don’t smudge or fade, no matter the circumstances.


Extended Lifespan Thanks to Replaceable Writing Tip

The IMW has been designed for professionals, who rely on efficiency and durability. It features a clever replaceable writing tip, further extending the marker’s lifespan. As soon as the felt tip becomes worn, it can simply be removed, replaced, putting the marker back into action.