The chalk line is an indispensable tool for marking straight lines with chalk powder, both indoors and outdoors. Offering even more convenience and speed when working, SOLA is now introducing the CLKS chalk line reel. The robust marking device has a cord length of 30 meters and impresses with its rapid line retrieval with a 6:1 gear ratio and a transparent sliding window.


Sturdy casing with slide-open compartment

The CLKS chalk line reel casing is made from high-quality, sturdy 2-component plastic and is impressively lightweight. The ergonomically molded plastic casing enables a secure grip whatever the application and also protects the device against breakage if it is struck or dropped. One particularly useful feature is the slide-open compartment with viewing window. This enables users to refill the chalk powder easily and without mess in just a few steps and makes it easier to check the fill level.


Rapid winding and unwinding of the cord

The CLKS chalk line reel has a 6:1 gear ratio, meaning it can be wound up six times faster than standard devices. Thanks to the freewheel function, it is also extremely easy to pull out the cord from the CLKS chalk line reel. Pushing the crank axle in fixes the crank in place so it does not turn when the cord is pulled out. Both the crank and the hook at the end of the cord are made from reinforced steel and guarantee reliable stability and durability. The 30-metre polyester multifilament cord ensures high tear resistance and optimum adhesion of the color powder.


The right color powder for every application

The composition of the chalk powder is crucial for good visibility of the marking. For this reason, the chalk powder from SOLA contains a large number of color pigments. Several factors play a role in the choice of color for the chalk powder, for example the color of the surface to be marked, the resistance to wind and rain, and whether or not the line should be hard or easy to wash off. SOLA provides the ideal chalk powder for every situation. In addition to the standard colors, red and blue, the chalk powder is also available in green, orange, white and black.


The SOLA CLKS chalk line reel can be bought individually or in a set with blue or red chalk powder. The various colors of chalk powder can also be purchased individually in the 230-gram bottle or in the extra-large 1400-gram bottle for frequent users.