It’s all going green again at SOLA. SOLA is expanding its range of lasers with the ATLAS GREEN. The green, self-levelling multi-line laser has one horizontal and three vertical lines and one plumb point. It has an impressive measuring tolerance of 0.20 mm/m.


Broad line panorama

Working in close collaboration with professional craftspeople, SOLA has developed a line panorama for the ATLAS GREEN that makes day-to-day tasks more precise, more efficient and more convenient. The multi-line laser has one horizontal line and three vertical lines for projection onto walls and ceilings. Where the three vertical laser lines, the horizontal line and the plumb point intersect, reference levels are produced which allow for an easy transmission from wall to wall or floor to ceiling. The fine adjustment ensures precise alignment of the vertical laser lines. The highly flexible ATLAS GREEN can also be rotated around the plumb point by 360°, ensuring quick and easy alignment of the line panorama.


Sturdy tripod for stability

The ATLAS GREEN guarantees a high degree of stability due to its sturdy tripod. Each of its three feet measures 52 mm in height. The tripod’s ground clearance makes the laser easy to position for precision plumbing, such as over common drywall tracks or various construction components.


One laser, many applications

Thanks to the special design of the laser and the fine adjustment option, the ATLAS GREEN is suitable for a wide range of applications. It makes it easy to align drywalls, transfer reference markings or level electric sockets and pipe installations. The ATLAS GREEN works effectively in any application where plumbing, angular measurements and alignment are required.


REAL GREEN technology: Real. Improved. Visible.

The wavelength of the green light is more perceptible to the eye, making it much easier to work with. The ATLAS GREEN has REAL GREEN laser technology. This means that the green laser light is directly generated by real green diodes. Any damage or inaccuracy caused by the indirect method is eliminated. The REAL GREEN technology is highly energy efficient and temperature resistant.


The ATLAS GREEN is delivered in a sturdy case which contains laser visibility glasses for improved perception of the laser lines, batteries, and two stand adapters.