EVO 360


Intuitive, robust, and ultra-precise: The new fully automatic self-leveling EVO 360 rotation laser from SOLA. With its user-friendly one-button operation, the device levels quickly and easily, both horizontally and vertically, with a maximum measuring tolerance of 0.1 mm/m. The radius of the laser is 20 m, or 300 m with handheld receiver, which equates to a working area of 600 m in diameter. The device automatically offsets inclines of up to 5°. The EVO 360 has a protection class of IP66 and is therefore protected against dust and water.


Wide range of indoor and outdoor applications

The EVO 360 rotates in the horizontal and vertical planes and has an upward plumb point at a right angle. These functions mean the laser is ideal for calculating heights and generating reference planes, for example when measuring walls, aligning formwork and structures, suspending ceilings, or performing other alignment tasks. Two 5/8” screws integrated in the housing enable horizontal and vertical measurements on a tripod. The device’s plumb point can also be used to project a point onto the ceiling or wall both vertically and horizontally at right angles. With a maximum measuring tolerance of just 0.1 mm/m, the EVO 360 impresses over large distances for land surveying, as well as for facade and road construction.


Intuitive operation, robust design

The EVO 360 is extremely easy and intuitive to operate, thanks to its single control button and two LED lights, which indicate its current status, e.g. when positioning the laser. Self-leveling starts automatically when the device is switched on and takes less than 20 seconds. The EVO 360 is designed to protection class IP66 and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Dirt, dust, and wet weather conditions pose no problem at all.


Handheld receiver and Li-ion batteries included

The EVO 360 includes a handheld receiver with holder, plus batteries, charger, and power supply unit. The EVO 360 is powered by rechargeable Li-ion batteries, which boast an impressive operating time of 40 hours. These standard batteries, which are available everywhere, are housed in a battery compartment, so they can be changed quickly and easily even when the laser is installed on a tripod. The REC RRD1 handheld receiver determines the exact position of the laser line. It has a double-sided display with an extra-large receiving field of 120 mm and acoustic guidance, both of which make it easier to locate the laser line over large distances. Thanks to protection class IP66, it is also protected against dust and water. The receiver can be quickly and easily attached to a measuring rod using the bracket.