The PM DUO is a unique marker pen, which combines the features of a deep hole marker and a permanent marker in one pen. This pen is ideal for a range of trade projects and boasts versatility and precision, thanks to its two tips, making the PM DUO perfect for all requirements, whether precise drill hole marking or permanent marking.


Versatility in One Pen

At one end, the PM DUO features a narrow, 25 mm stainless-steel tip, which is perfect for marking drill holes, and at the other you’ll find a pressure-resistant round tip with a fine line width of 1.5–3 mm for permanent marking in all applications. The 2-in-1 solution facilitates smooth transitions between uses without having to swap pens. The cap has an attachment clip that prevents the pen from rolling away and also ensures it’s always close at hand while working on projects.


Suitable for a Range of Projects

The PM DUO dual permanent marker is suitable for almost any project. The narrow, long stainless steel tip is suited to making pinpoint, permanent markings and is ideal for marking drill holes and hard-to-reach places on dry surfaces. The permanent marker’s round pressure-resistant tip with a line thickness of 1.5–3 mm means you can mark almost any surface, whether it’s glass, metal, wood, plastic, paper, electrical cables, or other materials.


Quick Drying, Lightfast Ink

The PM DUO’s black ink is lightfast, water-resistant, quick drying and free from the toxic substances xylene and toluene. Even better, it doesn’t smear, meaning left-handers can use it without any issues. This 2-in-1 marker pen boasts impressive precision and durability, no matter the project.