Short tapes

Why do SOLA's short tapes make things unravel so smoothly?

We have packed a whole host of practical features into the compact and robust casing of our SOLA short tapes: a shock absorber system, a precision tape break, sliding end hooks and a protective retraction system make these short tapes convenient tools to use as per EC standard classes I and II.


All SOLA short tapes correspond to either Class I or Class II according to EC standards. Thus we can guarantee the utmost precision in measuring.


Since 26 February 2014 the Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament is applied by all member states of the Euopean Union and the EEA. This directive contains the procedures, under which manufacturers of measuring tools have to declare the conformity to the specification.

Note the following markings:
1. Nominal length of the measuring device
2. CE-marking
3. Year of manufacture
4. Mark from Office of Weights and Measures
5. Accuracy class
6. Manufacturers name or registered indentification mark


The momentum of the blade and the resulting impact of the end hook on the
housing is gently absorbed by the buffer system. This greatly increases the longevity
of the tape. The SOLA rewind system also results in a very smooth running of the
tape. The tape is optimally wound in a space-saving manner; the housing is smaller
and more ergonomic.


The Big T, Tri-Matic and Popular models from SOLA are equipped with a twopart
brake mechanism. This ensures that a blade can be locked with millimetre accuracy. Tapes without this two-part brake have the disadvantage that on pressing the brake button, up to 10 mm of the tape is pulled back into the housing.


The sliding end hook contributes to the high accuracy of the tape. For buttup measurement (1) the end hook must slide to the zero point; for tension measurement (2), however, it must release the zero point. The sliding distance corresponds to the thickness of the end hook. The end hook is very susceptible to breakage and has therefore been reinforced severalfold for the high-quality SOLA tape measures:

  • Reinforcement plate
  • Riveting of the end hook:
    2 rivets 2/3 m
    3 rivets 5 m
    4 rivets 8/10 m


SOLA short tapes are made of high quality steel with a high content of Carbon. All models are matt-coated and do not reflect or shine. This makes them easy to handle.


In order to obtain the highest possible inflexion point, the concavity of the tape must be optimally adjusted. Very high concavity results in high extension stability, but decreases running smoothness. SOLA tape measures are optimally adjusted to satisfy both requirements.