Steel tape measures



Graduations mm
EC accuracy class I
Model Length Tape width
SR 30 30 m 10 mm/m


  • Durable steel tape with an anti-rust phosphate coating
  • Glare-free working and easy reading of measurements thanks to reflection-free coating
  • 3x faster tape retraction thanks to crank gear drive
  • Retractable handle prevents injuries
  • Multifunction end-hook for secure attachment to pipes, nails, or screws
  • Break-proof 2-piece plastic housing
  • Maximum protection against dirt and damage
Technical details
Item description Measuring tape
Graduations mm
EC accuracy class I
Tape material Steel
Tape surface matt lacquered, white
End hook Multifunction
Rivets for end hooks 2
Reinforcement plate Plastic
Housing material ABS/TPE
Housing color red/black
Replacement tape upon request
Housing form Capsule
Initial tape section B
Crank gear ratio 3:1