Line lasers



Measuring tolerance ±0.30 mm/m (floor) / ±0.50 mm/m (wall)
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 30 m* (floor) / 10 m* (wall)

Optional accessories

Features FLOX

  • Laser cross in front and continuous 90° laser lines allow for uninterrupted working without re-positioning the laser
  • 5 mm ground clearance enables the tiles to be attached under the device
  • Bright, highly visible laser lines
  • Rotatable base for easy and rapid alignment of the line position
  • Particularly easy and safe operation even for less experienced users

Applications FLOX

  • Horizontal leveling
  • Vertical leveling
  • Reference lines, floor
Technical details
Item description Line lasers
Dimensions 150 x 119 x 122 mm
Leveling Permanent floor line
Self-leveling wall cross
Measuring tolerance ±0.30 mm/m (floor) / ±0.50 mm/m (wall)
Self-leveling range ±3°
Application range without handheld receiver (radius) 30 m* (floor) / 10 m* (wall)
Operating temperature -10°C to +50 °C
Tripod adapter 1/4" + 5/8"
Protection class IP54
Power supply 3 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
Operating time (at 20 °C) 9 hrs (floor)/40 hrs (wall) 3 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
24 hrs (floor)/65 hrs (wall) SOLA Li-ion battery (5200 mAh)
Laser class 2, DIN EN 60825-1 : 2014
Output power < 1.0 mW
Wavelength 635 nm

Included accessory


The FLOX floor and cross-line laser has a front-projected floor cross and a levelled wall cross
with a measuring tolerance of 0.3 mm/m or 0.5 mm/m.


  • Front-projected floor cross and levelled wall cross in one laser
  • Far visible laser lines in all directions
  • Rotary foot and fine adjustment
  • Bright, highly visible laser lines

With four laser lines that are far visible and are projected to the front and the back of the device, it can be used even in complex spatial situations without the need for relocation. Once set up, the FLOX can be used to lay tiles and flooring in all possible directions.

The FLOX has a 1/4" and 5/8" thread, which can be used to attach it easily on a tripod. This way, the levelled wall cross can also be used when fixing tiles to walls.

The device can also be used to quickly and easily check that floors are level thanks to its horizontal laser line, which is beamed just above the ground. The floor’s properties can then be defined by using a folding rule.

By directing the laser’s floor lines close to a wall, users can easily check that the wall is perpendicular.

Thanks to its sturdy rotary foot, the FLOX is extremely flexible in terms of alignment: tiles can be laid out directly against the device and/or the laser can be used as an end point reference. The additional fine adjustment also enables users to set and align the FLOX with millimetre accuracy.

Protection class IP54 ensures that the robust housing of the laser is protected against splashes and dust.