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SOLA Measures App

Benefits SOLA Measures App

  • Remotely control the measuring device using the app
  • Transfer measured values from the measuring device to the mobile device in real time
  • Automatically record and save measurement results with date / time
  • Add notes, photos and videos to saved measurements
  • "Share" feature for fast transmission of measurement results
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SOLA Measures App
Item description SOLA Measures App

Smart additional functions with the SOLA Measures app


SOLA Measures is the multi-function app for all craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts who want to connect their digital SOLA measuring devices such as digital spirit levels, inclinometers or protractors, and laser distance meters to their smartphone or mobile device via Bluetooth. Transfer measurement values directly from the measurement device to your smartphone and manage your measurement results or share them directly with your team. Once paired, SOLA measuring devices are automatically found by the app and connected.

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Advantages of the SOLA Measures app

  • Remote reading: real-time transfer of the measured values from the measuring device to your mobile device
  • Remote control of functions on the measuring device via the app
  • The measured values are automatically recorded and saved with the date, time and location
  • Notes, photos and videos can be added to stored measured values
  • Photo-Overlay: the measured values, date and time are displayed and stored directly on the photo
  • Sharing function for the fast sending of measured values

Remote reading of measured values

Whether measuring inclines and slopes, determining angles or levelling objects, the respective measured value is transferred in real time directly to your smartphone or mobile device from your SOLA measuring device using the app. This is particularly useful for those measurement situations in which you can’t see or only have limited visual contact of your measurement device’s display.

Remote control of measurement functions

You can remotely control the important measurement functions of your measurement device via the SOLA Measures app. If, for example, you are measuring inclines, slopes or angles while using the app, you can select whether the measured values are displayed in degrees (°), percent (%), mm/m or in/ft. You can also ‘freeze’ the latest measured values with the ‘Hold’ function and angles can be easily transferred with the ‘Inc’ function. The acoustic signal guide can also be switched on via the app, something that is extremely useful when levelling objects.

Managing and documenting measured values

Real-time data such as the date, time and location are automatically recorded for each measurement in the app’s measured value memory. You also have the option of adding notes, photos or videos to the measured values. One useful tool contained in the app is the Photo-Overlay export. With this tool, when you photograph your real working or measuring situation with your mobile device, the real-time data such as the measured value, date and time are also displayed and stored directly on the photo. The measured values including all key data can be easily and quickly shared with your team at any time.


Advantages of the SOLA Measures app

  • Transfer measured values from the METRON to your mobile device
  • Prepare photos or import from a gallery and accurately dimension and add notes
  • Create projects to clearly document and manage measured values
  • Sharing function allows fast sending of measurement results

Dimension distances on photos

Want to document measurements directly on site or send measurement data to your team? If METRON is used with the SOLA Measures app, you can directly and precisely dimension photos from the construction site or construction plans. You can not only save and manage your measured values in the app, you can also quickly send these to your team at any time.

Compatible measuring tools

red digital

Digital spirit level with electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth interface

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redm digital

Digital spirit level with electronic inclinometer module, Bluetooth interface and laterally installed neodymium magnets for secure adhesion

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red laser digital

Digital laser spirit level with electronic inclinometer module and Bluetooth interface

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GO! smart

Digital inclinometer and protractor with Bluetooth

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Laser distance meter with Bluetooth interface

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SOLA Measures app support & FAQ

Do you have problems connecting your Bluetooth measuring tool or do you have questions about the SOLA Measures app? Click the button below to find more information and answers to frequently asked questions.