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Spirit levels are sensitive measuring tools. Precise measurements are only possible if all parts are optimally aligned. The quality and durability of SOLA spirit levels is highly valued by construction professionals. The parts, profile shape and features depend on the individual area of application.


Spirit level or bubble level is a tool used to determine whether the measured surface is horizontal or vertical. Hence, spirit levels are a common tool in construction work.

Arguably the most distinctive feature of professional spirit levels are the vials – acrylic glass blocks, typically tubular or barrel-shaped cavities filled with liquid with an air bubble.

Vials play a major role in the quality of a spirit level in terms of precision and handling. Spirit levels usually feature a horizontal vial and one or two vertical vials. The vials are built into the profile, the design of which determines the quality and stability of the spirit level.

In order to guarantee accurate measurements, the profile must be able to withstand the high demands placed on it on a construction site, such as moisture, fine dust, coarse dirt and impacts. High-quality spirit levels have aluminum profiles. Standard lengths vary between 40 cm and 200 cm. Robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys offer the best conditions for a long service life. High-quality profiles made of hard plastic can also be used as an alternative to aluminum.

Premium spirit levels also have shock-absorbing end caps on the open sides of the profile made from a particularly elastic 2-component plastic.


Spirit levels are used to accurately align surfaces and objects horizontally or vertically. The spirit level, which is aligned parallel to the measuring surfaces, indicates whether the object in question has been accurately aligned and is in balance. It’s possible to check this by seeing if the air bubble is in the center within the marked area.


Spirit levels are available in a variety of lengths. Standard lengths vary between 40 cm and 200 cm. Short spirit levels 40 to 50 cm in length typically suffice for private use, e.g. hanging a picture frame straight on the wall or accurately positioning adjustable bases.

Pocket-size mini spirit levels, long spirit levels up to and over 200 cm, and spirit levels with integrated tilt measurement, angular degrees and slopes are primarily used on construction sites, e.g. when putting in walls, aligning steel girders and pipes, installing windows and doors or setting up machinery. The straight edges of classic spirit levels often substitute for rulers in practice.


Professional applications require different properties from spirit levels in terms precision and properties. SOLA offers a comprehensive range of spirit levels suitable for every task in addition to practical spirit level accessories.

If you’re interested in buying a new spirit level, you can select between a classic aluminum spirit level, a magnetic spirit level that adheres to metal parts, a digital spirit level or digital laser spirit level – each version comes with a Bluetooth interface, a switchable audible display and switchable acoustic signal guidance – a precision spirit level with highly sensitive vials for detecting even the smallest deviations, an extremely robust cast iron spirit level, an easy-to-grip I-profile spirit level, a compact mini spirit level, a lightweight plastic spirit level that leaves no signs on abrasion on tiles and porcelain, an incline spirit level with a circular scale for reading angular degrees, inclines and inclination ratios, and a tube water level for precise leveling in areas at an angle. Several of the magnetic spirit levels are available with a V nut for optimal adhesion of the spirit level to metallic surfaces and pipes.


Whether used for vertical, horizontal, angular or overhead measurement: SOLA spirit levels deliver precise measurement results even under the harshest of environmental conditions on construction sites. Anyone looking for a durable, extremely robust and precise spirit level will make a sound choice opting for a SOLA spirit level.

Each SOLA spirit level is subject to strict quality controls and fully tested to ensure it doesn’t contain any defects before leaving the factory. Check out SOLA's extensive range of spirit levels to find the perfect spirit level for your requirements. Our wide range of spirit levels are characterized by a top price-performance ratio and high quality finishes.


SOLA Series spirit levels are the most accurate spirit levels in the world. Spirit levels in the RED series have a maximum measuring tolerance of 0.3 mm/m (0.017°) for standard measurements and 0.5 mm/m (0.029°) for inverted measurements.


SOLA Wasserwaagen besitzen ein Profil aus einer hochfesten Aluminiumlegierung samt eloxierter oder pulverbeschichteter Oberflächenbehandlung oder ein Profil aus hartem Kunststoff. Das Laufmetergewicht der Wasserwaage ist ein wichtiger Indikator für die Qualität des Profils. Für SOLA Aluminium-Wasserwaagen werden nur Profile ab einem Laufmetergewicht von über 520 g/lfm verwendet.

The tangibly stable profile weight is ensured by the thick walls of the profile, which protect the SOLA spirit level from daily wear and tear or impacts. On the topic of impacts. Our RED/BIG X models are equipped with anti-slip end caps made from 2-component plastic to reliably protect the spirit levels against falls or impacts. This allows for convenient positioning and a secure grip of the spirit level on the surface.


At the heart of any SOLA spirit level is the patented SOLA FOCUS vial, developed in-house. Instead of rings, FOCUS vials feature green colored marked areas. These green markings reflect the edges of the enclosed air bubble, which makes it possible to achieve four times the contrast when reading values compared to standard ring vials.

The magnifying effect of the FOCUS vial visually enlarges the air bubble by up to 60 percent, making it quicker to read values as the movement of the air bubble is easier to see. Every SOLA FOCUS vial is equipped with a luminous backing beneath the vial. This fluorescent light plate enables easier reading in low light situations without any LEDs.

In SOLA spirit levels, the vial liquid is dyed to increase the visibility of the air bubble through a better contrast effect. The composition of the fluid used in SOLA patented vials is strictly guarded. However, we can let you in on the essentials. It is antistatic, temperature stable between -20°C and +60°C, offers excellent light resistance and also prevents the air bubble from splitting if shaken.

However, the fluid and air bubble aren't the only things that make a high quality vial. The surrounding casing is crucial. SOLA FOCUS vials are made of break-resistant acrylic material. Besides its resistance to deformation or breakage, the acrylic is highly UV resistant. Patented SOLA ultrasonic welding ensures the vials are leakproof. You can rely on the quality of our vials, as proven by our 30-year leakproof guarantee.