Spirit Level

How to tell if your level is sturdy enough for the job

There are a lot of factors that influence the longevity and precision of high-quality spirit levels. The rough handling on construction sites means levels need to be made of sturdy parts, assembled in a way that prevents breakage.

An important component of the spirit level is the aluminum profile, or more specifically, the thickness of the aluminum profile walls. The thickness of the walls is a quality indicator, thicker walls mean a sturdier product. The weight per meter of SOLA spirit levels is always greater than 520 g/m. However, if a profile is too heavy, it could also cause issues. Unnecessary weight is impractical, since it would be difficult to lift the spirit level easily or hold it in place for an extended period of time.

Recesses—any cut out portion of a profile—are another factor that can weaken the profile. However, they are necessary as these cut outs hold critical elements of a level. The vial or the handles are commonly recessed in the aluminum profile. It is important to refrain from recesses that are too large, to avoid weakening the profile any more than necessary.

The delicate vial fluid and the air bubble are protected by a sturdy acrylic casing, which enhances the longevity of the measuring tool considerably. Acrylic is generally a very sturdy material, but the quality can vary substantially. SOLA FOCUS vials are break-proof due to the thickness and excellent quality of our acrylic material.

Our vials are leak-proof, even over the course of time. We developed a patented technique, in which we use ultrasonic, welding to seal the vial. This is critical, because the spirit level would be unusable if the vial leaked.

Premium spirit levels have end caps to protect the open profile sides. The end caps on high-quality spirit levels are composed of a rubber mixture. The hard part of the end cap is secured in the profile while the soft part is on the outside. The soft part is specifically designed to offer maximum protection in case of shock or impact. This dual approach keeps the spirit level protected, even in the case of impact on the profile sides.

In conclusion, the quality of the individual parts, as well as the whole of those parts, ensure a sturdy and high-quality spirit level that will endure time and rough working conditions. This will ensure that the spirit level will be a reliable and precise measuring tool for years to come.