Spirit Level

How to identify a high-quality vial in your level

Since 1949, precision has been our passion and the spirit level our core competence.
As technology has developed and improved over time, so have our spirit levels.

So how do you recognize high-quality spirit levels, the kind that are used by professionals? It all starts with the vial.

The vial is a key component of a high precision spirit level and, one could argue, the most important part of a spirit level. The vial is essential for a level’s precision, handling and overall quality.


The space between the air bubble and the markings on the edge of the vial are crucial. If the space is too narrow or too far apart, an accurate reading is not possible. If the vial’s fluid isn’t dyed, the bubble is harder to read correctly. The results can be in an inaccurate measurement which can cost you time and materials.

Sola FOCUS vials have no rings. Working closely with professional who use the levels dozens of times a day, we experimented with more modern graphic techniques and took advantage of our precise printing technology. Instead of thin, low contrast rings, we introduced large, vivid green markings to delineate the “out of level” areas. The green “out of level” guide lines reflect on the bubble edges increasing contrast. The FOCUS vial contrast is 4x higher than the average ring vial. This enhanced contrast improves the readability of the vial and quickens the overall work process.

We did not stop there. We make our FOCUS vial with increased magnification of +20% to +60%. Bubble movement is more visible. The “level” and “out of level” areas are more distinct. With its green tinted edges, the bubble is more distinct. Reading errors are reduced – even from a distance. You can see FOCUS vials easier because they are magnified. You can read FOCUS vials easier because the critical areas have greater contrast. With FOCUS vials, you to work more accurately, confidently and quickly.

If your work area isn’t well lit, the increased contrast helps. Moreover, our FOCUS vials have a light reflecting background that enables you to use the spirit level even when it gets gloomy.

Structurally, the vial’s fluid and the air bubble are surrounded by a thick acrylic casing. The special form and the overall sturdiness of the casing ensure that the vial is not likely to break, even if it’s dropped or knocked during use.

The Vial Fluid Composition

Did you know that electric currents can pose a challenge to the accuracy of your level? In high-quality spirit levels, the air bubble won’t react to electricity. You can be certain that your level is reading correctly. Anti-static protection is one of the advantages of the FOCUS vial fluid, which makes for a more efficient work process. Plus, the vial fluid is UV resistant, which means the fluid won’t fade over time.

The vial fluid can also withstand extreme conditions. Our high-quality spirit levels guarantee a consistent bubble movement between -20° to + 60° Celsius (-4° to 140° Fahrenheit), so you can use the spirit level in even the most adverse environments.

Additionally, the strictly guarded fluid composition prevents bubble splitting in case of shock. What does this mean? After an impact, the air bubble won’t separate into two or more tinier bubbles, so you won’t be stuck waiting for the bubble to assemble again. This is beneficial because it saves you time and frustration.


When you go to choose your next level, be sure to choose one with a vial that is durable, easy-to-use, shock resistant, accurate and that will work no matter the environment. If you want all of these features in one level, check out our Big Red spirit level line. Available in several sizes, these exceptional levels will help you get the job done right the first time.